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Balding Metairie - Banner
"After 2 1/4 months I have noticed about ¼ inch of new hair growth. Thanks!"
~ Steve S.
Dictionary.com defines “bald” as “destitute of some natural growth or covering.” Would you rather see an oak tree in full leaf or the silhouette of naked branches against the sky? Does a lush green meadow look more inviting than a bare, stony ridge top? Are you more tempted to gather a fluffy puppy up into your arms, or a shaved poodle?

The truth is nature provides that growth and or covering for aesthetic reasons as well as functional purposes. Your hair is no different. It keeps your pate warm, yes, but it also gives you confidence in your appearance and defines your self-image. Today, you don’t have to accept balding.

Most true balding is experienced by men. Hereditary male pattern baldness, or androgenetic alopecia, is responsible for about 95 percent of baldness in men, affecting over 40 million in the United States. It is characterized by a receding hairline or thinning crown which eventually meet.

Our bodies (men’s and women’s) produce the sex hormone, testosterone, naturally. The amount we produce is determined by heredity, from the chromosomal make-up of both parents. When all of the testosterone is not utilized, the body converts it to Dihyrotestosterone (DHT). This chemical wraps around anagen receptors and cuts off blood supply to the hair follicles causing miniaturization. Hair gets thinner, falls out, and does not grow back without treatment to block future attacks of DHT.

Pete Zito at Hair Loss Control Clinic of New Orleans is a certified hair loss consultant. He began years of extensive research into the causes of baldness and treatment options when it happened to him. He found that by attacking the hair loss with a combination therapy, the best results are achieved.

Men are concerned about an attractive appearance and the impact of balding. Pressure to look vigorous and youthful is especially prevalent in upper management jobs, for those in the public’s eye, and on the dating scene. You don’t have to be ashamed of balding – talk with the experienced staff at Hair Loss Control Clinic.
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