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Effective Ways to Stop Balding Without Hair Transplant Surgery

Both men and women take pride in a full, thick head of hair. As we age, we may start to experience the natural signs of balding, thinning, and hair loss. Many individuals that come into the Hair Loss Control Clinic want to find a solution to help stop balding. New Orleans area residents can discuss their hair concerns with, a certified hair loss at Hair Loss Control Clinic. The staff at Hair Loss Control Clinic wants to help both men and women regain their hair and find a solution to their concerns.

Many think that the only way to restore their hair is through hair transplant surgery. Hair transplants are invasive surgical procedures that require downtime, recovery time, and many expenses for the everyday person wanting to rejuvenate their hairline. Hair Loss Control Clinic does not offer hair transplants, and believes there are more economical, healthy, and non-invasive ways to rejuvenate hair growth and restore an individual's full and luxurious hair back to its original glory!

Hair Loss Control Clinic uses a number of tried-and-true techniques to rejuvenate the scalp for patients. With scalp treatments and specialized shampoos, HLCC can help regenerate hair growth and follicles. These products are also a great way to help other techniques penetrate the scalp and stimulate growth. The staff at Hair Loss Control Clinic may also recommend a line of dietary supplements to help your body block DHT, which is the hormone that often attacks hair follicles and results in hair loss, thinning, and balding. Topical solutions and laser hair therapy are also considered for those who want to experience hair regrowth and improvement in the thickness of their hair.

During your initial consultation at Hair Loss Control Clinic, you will be able to learn more about the type of balding you are experiencing and the best ways to control it and reverse what has already occurred. With a wide variety of solutions, Pete Zito, hair loss consultant, can help you find the best, most effective way of restoring hair and help stop balding. New Orleans residents can enjoy the benefits of a trusted hair loss consultant to rejuvenate a full head of hair!

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