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Hair Restoration New Orleans LA
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Consultation and Scalp Analysis $ 50.00.
Normally $250.00 . Valid until 2015


  • All consultations are private and confidential.
  • All consultations are by appointment only.
During your initial consultation, plan on spending 45 minutes to 1 hour with us. A Certified Hair Loss Consultant will thoroughly go over primarily what you would like to achieve, then obtain your family genetics, family medical history, your diet, nutrition, and any medications that you are currently taking. We document this pertinent information to help find the root of the problem..

Scalp Analysis

We use a digital microscope to look at your scalp and take pictures. You are able to see the results on a computer screen in front of you. Our microscope utilizes two separate lenses, one will magnify the scalp 50x. The second portion of the scalp analysis we will utilize our 200x lens. This will magnify the scalp to a level that is not possible for humans to see with the naked eye, but will help determine what exactly is going on with your hair. Some examples include excessive sebum (oil) on the scalp, patterns of hair loss, loss of follicles, scalp texture, and color.
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