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Hair Loss Products

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Hair Loss Products New Orleans - Banner
You are not alone in your fight against hair loss! Join forces with Hair Loss Control Clinic of New Orleans. Your individualized hair loss treatment program will include a combination of these treatments.

  • Minoxidil. Our topical liquid is formulated with the highest quality saw palmetto berry extract available.

  • MGT (Maximum Growth Therapy). Women love it as an alternative to minoxidil (which can cause unwanted facial hair). This all-natural vasodilator improves blood flow to hair follicles to start re-growth.

  • Hair nutritionals. HLCC Scripts Complete is a all natural DHT blocker loaded with biotin, saw palmetto berry extract, beta sistosterol, pygeum bark, green tea, ho sho wu, stinging nettle, grapeseed extract, other vitamins, and DHT blockers for hair and overall health benefits. It is taken daily, alone or with your regular multi-vitamins. It is similar to propecia but without the side effects – safe for women and men who are not allergic to shellfish.

  • Scalp Therapy to dissolve microscopic build-up of sebum and prepare your scalp for laser hair therapy and optimal minoxidil penetration. Just work a dozen drops into the scalp, wait five to ten minutes, then shampoo with our DHT-blocking bio-therapy product.

  • HLCC Scripts line of DHT-inhibiting bio-therapy shampoos and conditioners. Enriched with over 25 vitamins and minerals, many of the same ingredients found in our nutritionals, and free of sodium laurel sulfates which can strip your hair of essential oils and coat the scalp. With gentle towel-drying (only the cool setting if you must use a hair dryer) you will quickly find that these products add fullness and thickness to all hair types. Hair grows faster, too (you may need haircuts more frequently).

All of our products are patented, proprietary blends. They are available exclusively at doctors’ offices and professional hair loss clinics.

The Hair Loss Control Clinic battle plan is a safe, cost-effective, successful alternative to hair transplant surgery. Convenient and painless, you simply replace your existing hair care routine with our Scripts products. You have nothing to lose except less hair!