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What are Some Products That Can be Used to Address Hair Loss?

Hair transplant surgery is not the only way to address hair loss. At Hair Loss Control Clinic of New Orleans, we offer a number of alternative ways to fight the battle against hair loss. We have several hair loss products, depending on your Individual hair loss needs. Patients can expect proprietary blends that are patented and offered exclusively through doctors and other national hair loss clinics. Here is a quick breakdown of some of the many products we use at Hair Loss Control Clinic to assist individuals in reversing hair loss and bringing back thicker, fuller, healthier hair!

Minoxidil and MGT (Maximum Growth Therapy)

Offered as a topical liquid formula, these are great ways for both men and women to improve the blood flow to the scalp's hair follicles to quickly and easily boost hair regrowth.

Scalp Therapy

When used in conjunction with minoxidil, scalp therapy can improve the penetration of topical medications. This liquid product is worked into the scalp before shampooing in order to remove product and sebum build-up on the scalp.

Shampoos and Conditioners

Combined with a DHT-inhibiting ingredient t, Hair Loss Control Clinic of New Orleans offers a line of shampoos and conditioners that can be used to assist with care of the hair follicles and production of hair growth.

In addition to our available line of new hair loss products, Louisiana office of Hair Loss Control Clinic also offers a number of non-invasive ways for individuals to be much more proactive about their hair thinning, loss, and baldness. In conjunction with many of our hair loss products, many individuals benefit from low-level laser hair therapy as well, to stimulate the hair follicles and boost regrowth of their hair. Hair transplant surgery is not the only way individuals can regain their lost hair anymore!

Are you interested in learning how you can start reversing and repairing hair thinning and hair loss? Call a certified hair loss consultant at Hair Loss Control Clinic today. By scheduling a consultation and scalp analysis, you can start taking control of hair loss and find the self-confidence that you once had!
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