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Why is there not a shampoo with minoxidil available for New Orleans patients?

Male pattern baldness can be embarrassing for many men, especially when it strikes in the 20's and 30's. Many men feel they are in their prime during this stage in their life, and don't want hair loss and the recession of their hairline to slow them down. Many are self-conscious about the way this condition can affect their appearance, and may be looking for ways to stop the hair loss and restore their hair. Men and women can find a variety of treatments when they visit the Hair Loss Control Clinic in New Orleans. While there are specially formulated shampoos for patients to use to restore hair growth easily and effectively, patients will be unable to find shampoo with minoxidil. New Orleans hair loss consultant, Pete Zito, explains why.

Minoxidil is an ingredient that is used by both men and women to regrow hair. It was discovered as a hair restoration medication after it was found that it could increase hair growth when taken, even though it was initially used to treat those with high blood pressure. This side effect gained attention, and it was eventually approved as a medication by the FDA that could be applied in a topical formula for hair growth.

Minoxidil works great as a topical solution as it can help regrow hair in specific areas of the scalp. However, New Orleans patients will never be able to find it as a shampoo. Why is this? Minoxidil is found to regrow hair where it is applied. As long as minoxidil is used consistently, patients will be able to experience hair growth when used within their current regimen.

Pete Zito of the Hair Loss Control Clinic is happy to offer specialized shampoos, along with minoxidil topical treatments for patients who are experiencing hair thinning and hair loss. Many patients also find success with saw palmetto, as well as combining it with the use of scalp cleansers. Pete Zito also recommends laser hair restoration techniques which can stimulate blood flow to the scalp and help with hair regrowth on the head. This can be done in the privacy of a patient's own home, or with frequent visits to the clinic. Combining several hair restoration techniques is a great way to hasten growth and help patients see more immediate results in their appearance.
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