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Chemotherapy and Hair Loss

Cancer can be scary for anyone who is diagnosed with it. However, sometimes what concerns patients most about their treatment is the idea of chemotherapy and the real risk of losing their hair. Many patients who are experiencing cancer want to live their lives as normally as they can, but the outward side effects of chemotherapy can be a telltale sign of one's medical struggles. Each year, hundreds of individuals are diagnosed with cancer in Louisiana. Chemotherapy hair loss is a very real outcome of the treatment.

The extent of a patient's hair loss due to chemotherapy will depend upon a variety of factors, including the length of their treatment, the strength of the medications, and the type. In most cases, a patient's doctor will notify them ahead of time about what to expect during chemotherapy and what they may experience during and after the treatment. In many cases, chemotherapy hair loss will occur. It can be as little as minor thinning to complete baldness, and may occur not only on a patient's head, but on other areas of their body as well. The most significant outward sign of chemotherapy treatment, however, is the loss of a patient's hair on their head.

While there is no way to stop or keep hair thinning and loss from occurring during chemotherapy treatments, there are ways to boost the regrowth and regeneration of hair as soon as chemotherapy treatment has ended. New hair may grow back within three to ten months after treatment has stopped, but Hair Loss Control Clinic may be able to help patients boost their hair growth as soon as they have stopped undergoing chemotherapy. With laser hair treatments and the use of topical creams, shampoos, and scalp treatments, cancer patients may be able to experience hair regrowth sooner than ever before.

Hair Loss Control Clinic of New Orleans may be able to help patients with chemotherapy hair loss. With a treatment plan in effect as soon as the patient is done with chemo, hair regrowth can happen quickly and effectively, bringing back a patient's overall self-confidence in their appearance.
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