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Regrowing Hair After Chemotherapy Treatments

Chemotherapy can be a traumatic part of any cancer patient's life. The endless treatments and side effects can be troublesome to many. One of the most commonly known physical side effects of chemotherapy is the loss of hair. Even with the use of wigs, many patients lose their pride and self-confidence as they experience this change in their body. After the treatments have been completed, however, patients will be able to find help at the Hair Loss Control Clinic in New Orleans. Chemotherapy hair regrowth is a process that can take some time, but can allow patients to experience that beautiful head of hair they once had before their cancer diagnosis and treatment.

At Hair Loss Control Clinic, we specialize in offering assistance with chemotherapy patients that want to regain their hair and self-confidence effectively. Pete Zito, certified hair loss consultant, can work with patients to find a successful way for them to boost hair regrowth and enjoy their natural beauty once again.

Chemotherapy hair regrowth can be obtained in many ways. Pete Zito will first provide a full scalp analysis for patients to determine which treatment they will have the best experience and results with. Some patients respond better to certain treatments than others, so by finding the best treatments and products for maximum hair regrowth, patients can enjoy their new head of hair sooner rather than later.

Hair Loss Control Clinic provides a number of treatments and products that can assist in chemotherapy hair regrowth. Topical creams and products can be applied to the scalp to stimulate the hair follicles and boost growth. Special shampoos and scalp cleansers can be used on a daily basis to do the same. Nutritional supplements may be recommended, as well as laser light therapy. In many instances, Pete Zito may even recommend a special combination of various treatments to assist cancer patients in achieving the ultimate restoration of their beautiful head of hair!

Are you a chemotherapy patient who lives in New Orleans? Chemotherapy hair regrowth is within reach thanks to the Hair Loss Control Clinic. Call today to schedule a scalp consultation with Pete Zito, certified hair loss consultant.
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