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How can New Orleans patients develop hair regrowth after cancer?

After patients have won their battle with cancer and completed chemotherapy, they are often eager to regrow their hair. However, by allowing nature to take its course, the regrowth of hair on the scalp can be a long and drawn our process. Thanks to the team at the Hair Loss Control Clinic, hair regrowth after cancer doesn't have to take years to accomplish.

Male and female patients who have completed chemotherapy can enjoy the benefits of hair regrowth technologies and treatments to boost hair regrowth and allow them to have their hair back in just months. Pete Zito, is a certified hair loss consultant, and can help patients who have struggled with cancer and are ready to restore their beautiful hair. He can do so in a number of ways. Each patient's situation is different, so a full scalp analysis and consultation appointment is essential to determine the solution that will work best for each individual.

The first course of action for most patients is laser hair restoration techniques. Using either a laser "brush" at home, or by coming into the office several times a week for our full laser therapy, patients can boost hair regrowth after cancer. This is a proven technique for most patients, as it can stimulate the hair follicles and help hair grow sooner and faster than it naturally would after cancer treatments.

Pete Zito may combine other treatments with laser hair regrowth sessions. Nutritional supplements can be taken, topical solutions can be applied, and even specialized shampoos and scalp cleansers can be used in conjunction with laser hair therapy.

Whether you are a male who is experiencing male pattern baldness or a woman who wants her beautiful luscious head of hair back after chemotherapy, Pete Zito can help. Call for your free scalp analysis and consultation, and find out how laser hair therapy and other treatments can assist you in growing your hair back faster than you ever expected! You'll be glad that you took control of your hair loss after cancer, and will be back to your "old life" and look sooner than you imagined!
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