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What can cause sudden hair loss for New Orleans LA men and women?

Men and women of all ages can be affected by sudden hair loss. New Orleans, LA clinic, the Hair Loss Control Clinic, is here to help. Pete Zito, certified hair loss consultant, our clinic can help patients with all of their hair restoration needs. Whether you are a male who is experiencing male pattern baldness or a woman dealing with thinning hair due to pregnancy, we can offer a variety of solutions to assist in the regrowth of lost and thinning hair.

One common complaint that Pete Zito hears from new patients is the onset of sudden hair loss. New Orleans LA patients may experience this phenomenon for several reasons. Though the slow onset of hair loss and thinning is often known as female or male pattern baldness, there are instances when hair loss can be sudden and unexpected. There could be several causes for this immediate and sudden concern.

It's a joke that you literally "pull out your hair" when stressed. However, stress can cause individuals to lose their hair in large clumps.

Whenever the body is experiencing a change in health, the hair may react accordingly. The hair may be triggered into its resting phase, and the hair may fall out or begin to shed excessively when our body's immune system is not up to par.

Certain medications can cause the loss of hair. It is important to talk to your physician regarding the hair loss experienced due to taking medication. You may be able to counteract medication-induced hair loss by visiting a certified hair loss consultant.

Changes in hormones can cause a number of conditions, including hair loss. It can be experienced by women during puberty and pregnancy, and can be the result of taking certain birth control medications, which cause fluctuations in hormone levels.

When a patient has been diagnosed with cancer and undergone chemotherapy, it is likely that they have experienced the inevitable loss of hair. However, once treatment is complete, there are several methods available to help regrow the hair faster.
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