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What Might a Hair Loss Consultant Recommend for Hair Replacement?

Does hair loss leave you feeling embarrassed about the way you look? Are you self-conscious about your hairline and finding yourself hiding underneath hats? Are you experiencing hair loss from cancer or pregnancy and are ready to regain it? Pete Zito, certified hair loss consultant, provides individuals with a variety of ways to address hair loss. Men and Women who are struggling with hair loss may consider conservative ways to address their hair loss condition rather than undergoing hair transplant surgery.

Our hair loss consultants are here to help you feel better about the way you look, and address each patients hair loss condition. At Hair Loss Control Clinic of Louisiana, we understand that your hair is a sense of pride, and are committed to utilize the latest laser technology for the best possible results without the use of surgical techniques or procedures. With this in mind, HLCC offers a number of treatment options for patients looking to restore their beautiful head of hair!

Treatments sometimes begin with the use of shampoos and scalp cleansers. These can be used to help clean and penetrate hair follicles in an attempt to stimulate growth. This option may help those struggling with hair loss and eliminate the need of costly hair transplant surgery. We may also recommend other topical solutions for patients that require a more aggressive approach.

Sometimes treatment can work from the inside out, and HLCC may recommend dietary supplements. Certain supplements can help with hair regrowth process, and may assist individuals in obtaining the maximum hair regrowth possible.

One popular option through Hair Loss Control Clinic is laser hair therapy. This utilizes a device that emits laser light to help stimulate the growth of hair. These treatments can be done either in-office or at-home, whichever works best for the patient and their lifestyle.

Don't let hair loss make you feel depressed and self-conscious about yourself. Start taking control of your hair loss and visit Hair Loss Control Clinic of Louisiana today! Our certified hair loss consultants will work with you to find the ultimate solution for your hair loss needs and get you started on a treatment program as soon as possible!
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