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Laser Hair Treatment

Hair Loss Laser Therapy Metairie - Banner
"I saw ads for Hair Loss Control Clinic and didn't think a "laser" could possibly regrow my hair. I then saw a special on wwl-tv with Meg Farris and all the remarks about this laser treatment were good....it was then I decided to go in and see what it was about. The staff were friendly and always accommodating with my schedule. Very private location. My hair loss stopped in about 1 month, I was told at 3 months we should start to notice new hairs starting to grow in..it actually happened at 2.5 months. When I noticed the new growth is when I became a "believer". I know I wasn't the easiest patient to deal with, thank you especially to Marie and Pete. I'll be in periodically for my checkups, everything is still looking great!! "
~ Sal
What would you think if a friend told you that he turned his hair-loss around? That the hair restoration method he used was painless, convenient, and affordable? That his life changed forever when he stopped worrying about losing his hair, and started to face the world with a smile? That he’s dating again and successful at work thanks to the improvement? Would you believe him?

Thousands of men and women are taking control of hair loss with laser hair therapy.

This safe, cool, treatment stimulates blood supply at the dermal papilla level, 650 nanometers below the surface of the scalp, providing nutrition to the hair and improving cell growth. Laser hair therapy is clinically proven to increase the size of capillaries under hair follicles. Results are documented – blood supply increases by 54 percent after a single 30-minute treatment!

Hair Loss Control Clinic of New Orleans offers several convenient options.
  • Our in-clinic laser (usually two to three treatments per week).
  • A laser brush that you use at home for 20 minutes, every-other-day.
  • Our in-clinic laser combined with at-home treatments.
  • A combination of laser therapy and our other restoration methods (dietary supplements, hair care products, and topical treatments).
Laser hair therapy is comfortable; relaxing. Some patients report a slight tingling sensation, but there is no pain and no heat as it increases blood flow, size of the capillaries and photo-biostimulation.

Treatment is customized for each patient; men and women in early stages of hair loss may not require an aggressive treatment program. Those who have waited a bit longer may require a prescription 15 percent minoxidil topical along with laser hair therapy to achieve desired results.

Who is a good candidate for laser hair therapy? Anyone with early signs of genetic hair loss, men or women that have had major surgery, extreme stress, or pregnancy. Laser hair therapy usually stops hair loss within 90 days. It’s great for men or women who have had hair transplants and want to hasten healing and the regrowth process.

It could be you! The sooner you take action against hair loss, the better. But it’s never too late – our oldest patient is 84!
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