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What is Low Level Laser Hair Treatment and How Does It Work?

Whether your hair is thinning or balding, you may be looking for a way to help with follicle regrowth in order to replace what is already missing. Many individuals look to non-invasive ways to reverse thinning and balding in Metairie. Low-level laser treatment is one form of treatment that is offered at Hair Loss Control Clinic of New Orleans. Pete Zito, a certified hair loss consultant, has been using low-level laser hair treatment effectively for many years, and has found that individuals that undergo treatment have found great success in the reversal of hair thinning and a boost in hair regrowth.

Low-level laser hair treatments utilize a special laser device in the Hair Loss Control Clinic office. The individual receiving the treatment will sit down in a chair with an attached laser device that is aimed at the individual's scalp. While sitting under this device, those undergoing treatment can read a book, play on an iPad, or watch TV while the low-level lasers work their magic!

Low-level laser treatment is not warming, as many would think. The lasers do not produce heat, but emit a wavelength that can stimulate the circulation of blood, improve cellular metabolism, and decrease inflammation, all while stimulating hair follicles and rejuvenating cell reproduction. This stimulation can result in fuller, thicker hair regrowth for more patients, making it an easy, painless way to generate hair re-growth for individuals in the Metairie or New Orleans area. Low-level laser treatment is an FDA-cleared technique that is used on patients of all ages and genders to address hair loss, thinning, and baldness.

Hair Loss Control Clinic of New Orleans offers low-level laser hair treatment, as well as other alternatives for individuals who, at some point, may have strongly considered hair transplant surgery. Surgery is invasive, expensive, and requires downtime and recovery that not everyone can incorporate into their lifestyle. Low-level laser treatments are done regularly in-office for only 30 minutes, and can be used in conjunction with other treatments such as dietary supplements and specialized shampoos and scalp treatments. During your initial consultation, you will undergo a scalp analysis and speak to a certified hair loss consultant about your concerns. Together, we can decide whether low-level laser hair treatment is the right option for you!
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