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How to Use a Hair Restoration Laser in New Orleans

Both men and women can end up dealing with hair loss and hair thinning during their lifetime. Women may experience hair concerns during or after their pregnancy, or as they age, while men tend to experience male pattern baldness. While the ultimate "fix" is considered hair transplantation, it is not always realistic or affordable for everyone. It also carries a number of risks. When men and women come to Hair Loss Control Clinic in New Orleans, hair restoration lasers are often the first course of treatment for individuals who want to improve the thickness and quality of their hair.

Laser hair therapy is a popular way for men and women to stimulate hair growth. It can be done in the office, or at home with a take home brush or comb. The laser works by giving high intensity laser light to the scalp to increase the blood supply and stimulate hair regrowth. This does not work overnight, but can definitely improve hair growth in as little as a few weeks. Men and women who use this technique will find that it is so easy to do! For in-office treatments, individuals come into the New Orleans office a few times a week to sit underneath the laser light for a specific period. For in-home treatments with the laser comb or laser brush, they will use the device for twenty to thirty minutes every other day to see results.

Laser hair therapy is safe and FDA-approved, and can be an affordable and safer alternative to hair transplants. Men and women enjoy the ease of use, and are completely comfortable when receiving these treatments. Some tingling of the scalp may occur, but it is minor and not a common complaint.

Pete Zito of the Hair Loss Control Clinic is a certified hair loss consultant that can help both men and women with their hair loss and thinning. His office is located in a secluded area of town for those who are self-conscious about receiving hair restoration treatment. He sympathizes and understands that hair is an important part of many individual's appearance, and takes pride in offering safe, affordable alternatives to hair transplant surgery.
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