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How Can Laser Treatments Help New Orleans Men with Baldness?

Losing your hair can be downright embarrassing. At the Hair Loss Control Clinic in New Orleans, we see a number of individuals come in feeling depressed and truly unhappy about the way they look because of their baldness. However, thanks to Pete Zito, certified hair loss consultant, many men and women have been able to deal with their hair loss and find hair restoration techniques that work! While hair transplants are always a solution for men dealing with male pattern baldness, it is not always realistic. An invasive surgery carries its own set of risks, and can be extremely expensive. Together with a hair loss consultant, men can come to Hair Loss Control Clinic and find relief through a number of methods available.

Pete Zito works with men who are experiencing baldness or hair thinning and helps them find a way to restore their hair. For some, laser treatments may be the best way to combat this problem. Laser hair therapy addresses baldness by stimulating the blood supply to the hair follicles encouraging regrowth. Studies have shown that this method helps increase the blood supply by over 50% after just one thirty minute treatment.

Laser hair therapy is used in-clinic or at-home. In-clinic treatments are usually scheduled a few times a week, while at-home treatments can be done every other day for about twenty minutes with a take home laser brush or comb. These treatments are safe, easy, and completely comfortable. The staff at Hair Loss Control Clinic will work with men to develop the best treatment program to address their specific needs and desires when it comes to the restoration of their hair. Laser hair therapy is sometimes used in conjunction with other restoration techniques, such as the use of topical treatments, dietary supplements, and other hair care methods. When combined, men notice faster improvement in their hair restoration than with laser treatments alone.

If you have been struggling with hair thinning, hair loss, or baldness, laser treatments in New Orleans may be right for you. Call the Hair Loss Control Clinic today and find out if the laser hair therapy method is the best way to tackle your hair loss.
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