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"Hair regrowth"
I admit that at first I was skeptical as to whether the laser treatments would really initiate new hair growth. Well, three months later, the before and after photos don't lie. Even my barber noticed the difference. My area of male pattern baldness is showing new hair growth that will only get thicker with time and continued use of the Hair Loss Control Clinic's products. I am well satisfied and glad that I took part in the treatment. Thanks!
~ Darryl H., Kenner, LA.
Hair Replacement Metairie - The Zibros
Hear what actual patients have to say about their treatment and results at HLCC.

“After first visit -You guys are great no B.S. just the truth! I've had hair issues for 3 years now and HLCC is the first place that really listened to me, educated me and didn't try to push one product or system down my throat as the world's best. 6 months later - I'm so happy, my hair loss has stopped and I've regrow more hair than I honestly expected. I'm telling my friends.”
~ Nicole S, Metairie, LA
“....Two years ago I first noticed some hair loss at my temples. I spent the next several months worrying about it, studying my medical literature concerning hair loss, and trying a variety of expensive products touted as "miracle cures" for thinning hair. My hair kept getting thinner and my bald spots grew larger. As a physician, I knew that accurate diagnosis of the specific classification of a case of hair loss is the critically important first step in successful treatment of hair loss. I also knew that very few physicians have any real expertise in dealing with hair loss. So even though I am a physician, I finally did the sensible thing and consulted an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss--Brian Hempstead of HLCC. As a result, I have been using 15% Minoxidil for one year and I no longer have what I would call "bald spots." The thin, short hairs at my temples are now thick enough and long enough to cover my scalp, and my overall hair line is "full" enough to allow me to style my hair the way I like it. Best of all, I no longer feel like crying when I look in the mirror! I am grateful to Brian for helping me to feel pretty again.”
~ Margaret Kowalski, M.D, New Hartford, NY
“ I just want to tell you that I’ve gotten great results in the first 3 months of use of your HLCC system. Please place my reorder, Thanks for answering my questions and not over selling me. I’ve gotten better results than you said I would, faster than you said I would. What a difference from all the other products I’ve tried before.”
~ D.M.
“ After first visit -You guys are great no B.S. just the truth! I’ve had hair issues for 3 years now and HLCC is the first place that really listened to me, educated me and didn’t try to push one product or system down my throat as the world’s best. 6 months later – I’m so happy, my hair loss has stopped and I’ve regrow more hair than I honestly expected. I’m telling my friends”
~ S.N.
“After 2 1/4 months I have noticed about ¼ inch of new hair growth. Thanks!”
~ Steve S.
“ Thanks for saving me. I went to a hair replacement place and they told me they will add hair to my own hair. The next thing I knew, the top of my head was shaved and I had to leave with a bald head or a $3,000 hair system. You’ve helped me regrow enough hair that I can style my hair to hide thin spot (which is now less than half the size it started out as). Thank you so much, I wish I could tell my friends but this is our secret.”
~ Lynn G.
“I can’t believe it, I got most of my hair back I lost in the last 5 years, you guys are great. I tried other products advertised on radio and TV, Rogaine, Avacor and others with little or no success. As a fitness trainer my looks really count, I now feel like a complete physical package without much hair I didn’t. Thanks again!”
~ Dave P
“It's simple your stuff works and all the other stuff I tried didn't. It was also nice to talk to someone who understood my hair loss, instead of a telemarketer.”
~ C.K.
“We sent our TV producer to try the revolutionary new hair loss treatment called laser hair therapy in February 2001. His hair had been thinning for years and nothing he tried– everything from Rogaine to Propecia- seemed to work. A year later, Joe’s progress is impressive. You can see hair re-growth at every angle.”
~ Victoria Snee
“I have been a client for only 11 weeks and I am amazed at how much of my hair has already begun to grow back! This process is so easy, and so amazing, and it is completely painless! I have tried everything from pills and topical treatments to toupees, and THIS is the first thing that has really truly worked. Thank You!”
~ Joe S. – Real Estate Broker
“I began treatment in March 2005. After only a few weeks noticeable changes began. My normally oily scalp became dry, the hair became stronger and styling was more effective. Hair loss has nearly stopped. By virtue of that effect hundreds of small new hairs are visible along my frontal hairline! Instead of falling out, they appear to be staying in my scalp. I’m very excited and am looking forward to continuing laser treatments. Thank you.

Sincerely, ”
~ Brian C.
“I first started treatments in October 2004. As soon as three weeks went by, I noticed, a tremendous increase of the thickness of my hair. I am very excited to see what other results come from this. Thanks, Truly.”
~ Ryan
Hair Replacement Metairie - Don M Before-After“I started Dec. 2004 and can’t believe the difference. The most exciting part so far was looking at my picture you took my first day and then looking in the mirror today. Wow! What a difference! You won my vote. I’ll tell everyone. Thanks again.”Best Wishes,”

~ Don M.
“Since I have started, 6 weeks ago, I have noticed that my hair is thicker. I have also noticed that the thin areas of my hair are growing in. I feel better about looking at my hair.”
~ Sherri C
“I started just 2 1/2 months ago and am happy with the results, my hair feels fuller and I’m noticing some new hair growth already. The products really work! Thank You!”
~ LM
“After three months of laser I have noticed thicker hair. Hair is growing where I was balding. Also I have had hair transplants and would never do that again. Now I have firsthand knowledge of what laser has done for me. Thanks.”
~ Trevor H.
“I’ve only been coming for 3 months and I can tell my hair feels thicker, styles easier and my hairdresser notice it also! She said it seemed thicker and healthier to her. I’m very encouraged!”
~ Cindy M.
“After two months of laser treatments I have noticed hair starting to grow in places where I was bald and thought I had no chance of new growth. I’m excited about what I see happening.”
~ Greg V.
“You asked me if I was happy with the results I am getting, look at me.... I am amazed. I heard your advertisement on the Radio... and it said... people up to 65 years old. My 66th birthday was fast approaching so I went to see what you had to offer. I had given up all hope of ever seeing myself with any kind of new growth, I would have been very happy to keep what I had... I have both now...keeping what I have... no hair in the drain after my daily shower, and no hair in my hair brush. And remarkably, there's new growth. My hair has become so full after about four months of treatment. I would recommend this treatment to anyone.”
~ Les Z.