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Women's Hair Loss

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“Being a woman, my hair is a strong part of my self-confidence. When I began to lose my hair, you handled the situation with care and compassion, taking the time to understand how I was feeling and how my confidence and self-esteem had been affected. Thank you for assisting me in regaining not only my hair, but also my self-confidence.”
~ Betty
Let’s face it, ladies, you do it all! You are the glue of our society, raising a family, running the household, and earning a living. Somehow, you manage to look terrific despite the stress and long hours. It sure doesn’t seem fair when your busy life begins to cause hair loss.

Thick and wavy or fine and straight, dark or fair, your hair is part of your personality. That makes hair loss even harder to accept and more devastating to women than men. You may find yourself losing self-confidence, avoiding going out in public, shying away from social interactions, dreading the questions of friends and family, ashamed of your appearance at work.

Hair Loss Control Clinic of New Orleans is here to help. By understanding the reasons for your hair loss and designing a customized plan of safe, non-invasive treatments, we will help restore your youth and to re-gain your self confidence back as well as your self-esteem.

Many women of all ages experience excessive shedding from stress, medications, thyroid problems, recovery from a major surgery, substantial weight loss, and poor nutrition can also trigger hair loss. Younger women may find their hair falling out at a shocking rate after delivering a baby. Our success rate is excellent in all of these situations. However, if you have permanently burned your hair follicles by over-chemical processing, we can refer you to a qualified hair transplant surgeon.

Our methods include:
  • Laser hair therapy. In-clinic treatments or a convenient take home laser brush.
  • Hair nutritional supplements, to block production of harmful DHT and stimulate growth from the inside.
  • A proprietary line of personal care products to get scalp and hair in good condition.
  • Topical treatments including all natural MGT (Maximum Growth Therapy) gel. It stops loss and strengthens hair without the female side effects of minoxidil.
A thick, full head of hair reflect the goddess within every woman. Let Hair Loss Control Clinic of New Orleans transform yours.
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