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What are Some Solutions to Female Hair Loss?

Women are very connected to their hair for a number of reasons. For many, it is a big part of who they are. Many feel as though they are recognized by their hair, and that it is their most recognizable feature. It can be a source of feeling good, feeling youthful, and of self-confidence. When women begin to experience the shedding, loss, and thinning of their hair, they will immediately start considering female hair loss solutions. New Orleans, LA, certified hair loss consultant, Pete Zito, offers a variety of solutions for hair loss and thinning through his practice at Hair Loss Control Clinic.

Laser Hair Therapy
By using a laser hairbrush or in-office laser lights, women can help to stimulate the hair follicles to bring forward new hair growth. Treatments can be done several times a week, either in the clinic or at home, and can show results in as little as three months of regular, consistent treatments.

Medicated shampoos can assist in giving the hair follicles the proper nutrients to stimulate hair growth, and to help hair grow faster and thicker.

Scalp Cleansers
By keeping the scalp clean, medications, topical solutions, and laser light therapy can work even more effectively.

Topical Treatments
Special creams and solutions can be used to help with the growth of hair, even after hair loss and thinning has occurred.

Nutritional and Dietary Supplements
DHT is a human hormone that, when overproduced, can result in less hair growth. By taking specific nutritional and dietary supplements recommended by Pete Zito, women can help decrease the amount of DHT in the body and increase hair follicle growth.

Women can use just one of these treatment options to address their hair loss or thinning, or can talk to a certified hair loss consultant at Hair Loss Control Clinic to determine if a combination of treatments may work best to produce the fastest, most effective results. Pete Zito is happy to help women in the New Orleans area replenish their lost hair and their self-confidence in themselves and the way they look.

If you are struggling with hair loss, thinning, or shedding, and are ready to find a non-surgical solution, call the Hair Loss Control Clinic today for a free scalp analysis and consultation appointment with Pete Zito and his staff.
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