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What are Some Hair Restoration Techniques for New Orleans Females?

Hair loss and thinning is not something that happens just to men. While many of Pete Zito's clients are men dealing with male pattern baldness, he also sees a number of women in his practice who are struggling with the thinning or loss of their hair. Women are particularly self-conscious about the way their hair looks, as it can truly be a major part of a woman's overall appearance. Thanks to Pete Zito and the hair loss consultant team at Hair Loss Control Clinic in New Orleans, female hair restoration techniques can help. These non-surgical methods can help women combat the effects of aging, pregnancy, or chemotherapy that may have caused the loss or thinning of hair on their scalp.

Pete Zito and his team use a variety of non-invasive methods to help restore the thickness and appearance of hair. Hair transplants are surgical procedures that carry their own level of risks and complications, as well as being quite possibly very expensive. For women who want a more affordable way to address their hair loss, a certified hair loss consultant at the Hair Loss Control Clinic can help.

One of the most commonly recommended methods for hair restoration is laser light therapy. Lasers are used to stimulate hair growth by boosting the blood supply to the hair follicles. Treatment sessions vary in length, and can be done at home with a take-home laser comb or brush device, or done in-office several times a week. This completely safe, FDA-approved treatment is extremely easy and does not result in any pain or discomfort.

While laser hair therapy is often the first course of action, Pete Zito and his staff may also recommend other treatments in conjunction with it. One of the components of hair loss is the overproduction of DHT. When this hormone is blocked, it can help with the thinning and balding experienced by both men and women. Dietary supplements can be taken to combat this hormone, and topical solutions can be used to reduce the DHT levels. Additionally, women can use scalp cleansers and specialized shampoos to ensure the follicles are not blocked and are receiving the nutrients they need for regrowth.
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