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Why Might a Metairie Woman Experience Hair Falling Out?

Balding and hair thinning is not just a problem that men deal with. Women of all ages can experience hair loss and thinning. Women can be extremely self-conscious about the loss of their hair, as their hair is typically a major portion of their overall appearance and confidence. It can be embarrassing when their hair falls out, or they have bald areas on their scalp. They may think that hair transplant surgery is the only way to address the problem. However, Pete Zito of the Hair Loss Control Clinic offers other alternative treatments for women who are experiencing hair falling out. Metairie residents can visit his office and learn about the various methods available to treat hair loss and thinning in a non-invasive way.

There are many reasons why women experience hair loss and thinning. Some women may have hormone-related hair loss. Women who are going through menopause may find that they are losing hair due to a lower amount of progesterone in their body, and women who are pregnant or postpartum may have similar issues.

Medical conditions may also affect the stability of hair follicles for women. Issues such as gout, high blood pressure, thyroid dysfunction, and arthritis may be at a higher risk for hair loss and thinning. Medications that are taken for certain conditions may also be a factor. For many, birth control is the reason for their loss of hair.

Women who do not maintain good nutritional habits or are dealing with high stress may also be at risk for hair loss and thinning. Certain nutritional deficiencies can cause problems, such as low iron. An excessive amount of Vitamin A can also cause these symptoms. An overall poor diet can result in less nutrition getting to the hair follicles for growth.

In order to target the ultimate culprit, Pete Zito will consult with individuals to discover anything in their medical history that may be the underlying problem. Once it has been determined, he will be able to develop an effective treatment program that will allow his female clients to enjoy the regrowth of their hair. This can boost self-esteem and confidence in a relatively short period, and help individuals get back to their lifestyle and worry less about their hair!
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