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How can New Orleans women restore damaged and thinning hair?

For women, the loss and thinning of hair can be devastating. Pete Zito understands the importance of a woman's hair to her confidence and self-esteem, and can help. Contact Hair Loss Control Clinic in New Orleans for help. Damaged and thinning hair can be embarrassing, but Pete Zito, certified hair loss consultant, can assist women in restoring their beautiful head of hair to its original beauty!

Luxurious hair is every woman's goal, and restoring what has been lost is the key to maintaining her hair through the golden years. Pete Zito and the staff at Hair Loss Control Clinic can help. With a number of restorative treatments and therapies, women are able to enjoy hair regrowth and restoration in just a few months.

While women may lose their hair for a variety of reasons, the treatment options are still the same. Here are just a few of the methods available for restoring beautiful locks of hair:

Laser Light Therapy
Using a small laser device similar to a brush or comb at home or by going to the Hair Loss Control Clinic for in clinic laser treatments, female patients can enjoy the stimulation of hair follicles and experience regrowth with regular treatments.

Nutritional Supplements
Treating your body from the inside out is a great way to assist laser therapy and other hair restoration methods. Pete Zito provides a number of nutritional supplements that can stimulate the regrowth of hair by blocking the body's natural production of DHT, a hormone that can keep hair from growing and restoring itself naturally.

Pete Zito offers a number of hair growth products through his clinic. He will help female patients choose the personal care products that will work well in conjunction with other therapies and treatments and will benefit them the most.

Topical Solutions
Hair Loss Control Clinic offers all natural topical treatments such as our MGT product. Many women use this instead of Minoxidil, which can have undesirable side effects on women.

Pete Zito and the staff at Hair Loss Control Clinic are focused on providing patients with the absolute best in hair restoration products, services, and treatments. Call today to schedule your free scalp analysis and one-on-one personal consultation with Pete Zito and determine the best course of treatment for you and your beautiful hair!
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