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What are Some Reasons Why Women Might Experience Hair Loss or Thinning?

Hair loss can be embarrassing and can cause some to feel extremely self-conscious about the way they look. Many individuals who are dealing with hair loss and thinning may seek the assistance at Hair Loss Control Clinic of New Orleans. Self-confidence is often the first thing men and women mention in regards to what they have lost with the negative changes that are occurring on their scalp. A feeling of defeat, loss of self-esteem, and embarrassment are also feelings that individuals mention struggling with as well.

When women come into Pete Zito's office, they may be struggling with their own self-confidence. Women often feel as though their hair is an important part of the way they look and feel. When hair begins to thin, women instantly feel as though they need to do something to stop and reverse what is happening. Thanks to the many treatment options available at the Hair Loss Control Clinic, both men and women can find effective and affordable treatment options for hair restoration.

Why might women experience hair loss? There are several aspects that need to be considered when determining what is causing a woman's hair loss and hair thinning.

In some instances, hair loss is caused by a medical condition. Thyroid problems and medications are often the most common reasons why a woman may be experiencing the thinning or loss of hair. Changes in the body, such as substantial weight loss and poor nutrition may also contribute to changes in hair growth. Even stress and recovery can result in excessive shedding. Younger women who are experiencing hair loss may find that this occurs when they are pregnant, or soon after they have delivered their child. This is a result in the changing hormones.

No matter what the reasoning, there is a solution. Thanks to Pete Zito and the staff at Hair Loss Control Clinic, both men and women can find hair transplant alternatives that are safe, effective, and affordable. From laser hair therapy to dietary supplements and medicated shampoos, hair loss and thinning can be outdated for anyone who is ready to take the time and finances to reduce and reverse the thinning and overall loss of hair.
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