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What is Post Pregnancy Hair Loss?

Many women experience full and luxurious hair during their pregnancy, thanks to the extra hormones and prenatal supplements. However, after giving birth to their baby, they may experience what is called postpartum hair loss. Post pregnancy hair loss often leaves women's hair thinner and not nearly as full as it was before or during their pregnancy. They may find that they are removing more hair from the shower drains or losing considerable amount of hair when they blow-dry or brush their hair. This type of hair loss occurs due to the extreme drop in hormones after childbirth. Hair does not grow as fast during this time, causing any loss of hair to leave a full head of hair looking thinner than normal.

There are ways to combat this issue. First is through daily home care. Let your hair air dry instead of brushing and blow-drying daily. Avoid tying hair back into a ponytail or braid, which can pull at the hair and leave you losing even more than necessary. Many women find that having a shorter haircut during this time is more convenient for motherhood, and keeps their hair looking fuller and healthier. Additionally, longer hair can wrap around your child's fingers and toes, becoming a hazard to your little newborn.

There are also topical solutions, shampoos, and supplements that women can use after their pregnancy to ensure that they do not experience post pregnancy hair loss. New Orleans women can consider visiting Hair Loss Control Clinic after they have had their child to discuss ways of maintaining their hair and avoiding post pregnancy hair loss. HLCC has a variety of options available to individuals who want to combat possible hair loss during times of their life. By being proactive about maintaining your hair, you can be one-step ahead of your hormones and keep that luxurious hair that you enjoyed before and during your pregnancy! Call Hair Loss Control Clinic today to learn more about post pregnancy hair loss, and find out what you can do to address this problem.
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