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What Causes Thinning Hair in Women?

For women, our hair is the highlight of our appearance. Many women spend a lot of money to make sure they have a beautiful head of hair. From haircuts, coloring, perms, and highlighting, many women would agree that their hair has a direct relation to their overall self-confidence. However, some women experience thinning hair. At Hair Loss Control Clinic in Metairie, we want to help you address this problem. Thinning hair can happen at any age and stage of a woman's life, and can be caused by a number of reasons.

Thinning hair in women may be caused by nutritional deficiencies or excessive nutrition. For example, women who have extremely low iron levels in their blood may experience hair loss, and some individuals with excessive amounts of Vitamin A in their system may experience hair loss. Poor diet can sometimes contribute to thinning hair in women.

Medical Conditions and Age
Women who are pregnant, have high blood pressure, gout, arthritis, and thyroid dysfunction may experience thinning hair no matter how old they are. Additionally, menopausal women may notice excessive hair loss due to the lower progesterone levels in their body. This is due to the halting of ovulation and the increased amount of androstenedione levels. Immune system irregularities may also cause thinning hair.

Certain medications may result in thinning hair in women. Birth control pills are a common culprit for many women.

Stress can wreak havoc on our bodies, and emotional and physical stress may be the cause of thinning hair for many women. When women are stressed and under pressure, they may notice that they are losing more hair than normal. If anxiety is causing hair to thin, many women can benefit from anti-anxiety medications or counseling to learn how to handle their everyday stressors.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the average American loses anywhere from 50 to 250 strands of hair a day. However, when this begins to become excessive and cause extreme thinning and hair loss, Pete Zito can help discover the underlying issue to your problem. If you live in the Metairie area, consider calling Hair Loss Control Clinic to learn more about the reasons for your own personal thinning hair.
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